The George Enescu International Festival honors the remarkable work and spirit of Romania’s greatest classical composer. Enescu was a contemporary of Bartók and Stravinsky and was described by Pablo Casals as “the greatest musical phenomenon since Mozart”, an extraordinary pianist, violinist, conductor, and teacher as well as composer. In addition to a full programme of concerts, the festival holds the Enescu Competition for young artists aspiring to a career in the international music arena.

“George Enescu was one of the most prodigiously gifted musicians of the twentieth century,” according to noted biographer Paul Banks, “a great violinist and composer, a distinguished conductor, an accomplished pianist, able cellist and a famous violin teacher who numbered Christian Ferras, Arthur Grumiaux and Yehudi Menuhin among his pupils.
His musical memory was phenomenal, a fact that contributed to the loss of some of his own works which he composed but never wrote down.”

The official opening day of the George Enescu Festival took place on September 4th 1958, merely three years after George Enescu’s passing, thus marking the official debut of the most important international musical event organized by Romania.

The George Enescu Festival takes place every two years in Bucharest, Romania and other Romanian cities and brings to the public over 250 of the most acclaimed international and Romanian orchestras and artists in over 70 events.

The 2019 edition of George Enescu Festival will be held under the tagline “The world is harmony,” where over 2,500 of the most valuable artists of the world, coming from 50 countries, will perform 84 concerts and recitals in Bucharest for 23 days, from August 31 to September 22, 2019, and 32 of them will contain Enescu’s masterpieces.

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