George Enescu Festival | Canada ✦ A special note to our community of music fans ✦

Although this news is not unexpected, it is with a heavy heart we announce that the second edition of the George Enescu Festival - Canada has been postponed for 2023. This difficult decision has been made due to the continued uncertainty around the COVID-19 pandemic and recognizing that a return to large gatherings shortly is unlikely. We miss you and can't wait to share more exciting musical adventures with you once it's safe to do so.

The 2020 George Enescu international competition at start

„I am sure that the George Enescu International Competition will be a huge event which will be enjoyed by much larger numbers of an audience than usual. Because most of it will be happening online so a lot more people will be following than usually when we have the audience in concert halls. We are creators of our own reality. We create it daily by our actions, thus ensuring that we have a future. But we also ensure through this that we have a past. So may the year 2020 be remembered by all of you not as the year of the virus, not as the year of fear, not as the year of cancellations, but as the year in which you made your dream come true, a year in which you participated in the George Enescu International Competition. Best of luck to you all and thank you”, transmitted Vladimir Jurowski, the Artistic Director of the George Enescu Festival and Competition, in his message for the opening of the Competition.

George Enescu Festival: Family and friends come together for great music!

Enescu would have enjoyed the variety of great music bringing together family, friends and community, much as he did as a violinist, conductor and composer. […] The music was engaging and uplifting. George Enescu’s Sérénade lointaine was a lyrically sensuous work that seemed to express Enescu’s longing for his homeland.

George Enescu Festival in Canada

George Enescu" Festival 2019 will take place in five countries at the same time

The "George Enescu" Festival, named for the famous Romanian composer, is one of the most prominent classical music festivals in Europe. Held in Romania since 1958, the festival is expanding its stage to a global scale.

This year, seven cities and five countriesBelgium, Canada, Germany, Italy, and Moldova – will host related events of the "George Enescu" International Festival honouring the extraordinary musical heritage of the great artist. We are thrilled to be part of this extraordinary celebration!